Fish production in bahir dar business plan

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Starting Tilapia Fish Farming Business Plan (PDF)

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Warm climate grants quick and feed efficient fish growth, and two local fish species are excellent for aquaculture (Tilapia and African cat fish).

Our investment contains cooperation with local fishermen and farmers in Bahir Dar by Lake Tana. Marketing and cold chain distribution of farmed fish in the land locked Ethiopia where the annual fish consumption is lower than 0,3 kg/person, and price on fish is higher than any meat in the cities.

High quality and reliable fish supply to premium customers (hotels and restaurants in cities), will ensure a viable business. the Bahir Dar Gulf area, indicates that there is scope for some expansion of the fishery.

The shortage in fish storage, distribution and marketing facilities, the limited local market and lack of fishing tradition are major constraints to the development of the fishery. A group of Madison residents has submitted an application to make Bahir Dar, Ethiopia, Madison's 10th sister city.

Business; Lifestyles; Madison looks to finalize its Comprehensive Plan, issues with density a chief concern. 1,2,3Lecturer, School of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering,Bahir Dar University, Bahir Dar, Ethiopia, Abstract: Ethiopia is one of the land-locked countries in Africa.

By African standards, Ethiopia is a. boat becomes common; fore example Bahir-Dar number one fishers cooperative has more than 70 motorized boats.

Commercial catches of large barbs in Lake Tana over the last decade have sharply decreased, due to over fishing in river mouths during fish migration to .

Fish production in bahir dar business plan
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Marketing systems for fish from Lake Tana, Ethiopia: Opportunities for marketing and livelihoods