Antanas guoga business plan

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Tony G Takes Bankera Cryptocurrency into the Regulated Banking Sector

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Bankera ICO is Now Live: Be Part of the Banking Revolution

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The possibilities that Offline Codes open are even more prominent in the case of non-profit organizations. Created by European Parliament member and entrepreneur Antanas Guoga, the Blockchain Centre Vilnius says it will develop blockchain applications for the business, finance and public administration.

Lithuania has been especially quick to act, with one Lithuanian member of the European Parliament (MEP), Antanas Guoga, who is also the chief investment officer for Lithuania's capital city, sending a letter to HSBC, one of the UK's major clearing banks, outlining the advantages of relocating to Vilnius (which already hosts a back-office.

At this point, Bankera has the necessary regulatory and IT arrangements and has put together a strong team and advisory board, including Lon Wong, president of the foundation, as well as Antanas Guoga, a member of the European Parliament, also known as Tony G – a famous poker player.

Member of the European Parliament Lithuania Antanas Guoga Former member of Lok Sabha and former Minister of Corporate Affairs Sachin Pilot, Member of the Lok Sabha and Minister of State for Civil Aviation Jayant Sinha.

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Antanas guoga business plan
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