1-3-5 keller williams business plan model

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Keller Williams Realty My MREA Business Plan Apr 03 2 Annual Action Plan Imagine that you have reached your summit. My Annual Action Plan My Annual Budget Model Category This Year’s Budget This Year’s Budget % of GCI Cost of Sales (COS) 1.

Listing Specialist(s) 2. Buyer Specialist(s). Use the to Reach Your Dream Destination. KW. About Keller Williams Realty; Global Property Specialists And, in keeping in line with the more commonly termed business plan, its basic layout is 1 goal, 3 priorities to achieve that goal and 5 strategies for each priority.

Keller Williams Realty, Inc. is an Equal Opportunity. Lead Generation Plan for Year GOAL: Closed Sales (from Economic Model line 9—Sellers + Buyers) My Options MET + HAVEN’T MET Option 1 in database + 0 in database Option 2 0 in database + in database.

1-3-5 keller williams business plan model
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